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Data visualization handbook

The Data visualization handbook is a practical guide for creating compelling graphics to explain and explore data. It is primarily aimed at designers, journalists, researchers, analysts, and other professionals who want to learn the basics of visualization, but also includes plenty of material for people with intermediate level visualization skills.

The book is also available in Finnish as Tieto näkyväksi

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A handbook, a textbook, and a coffee table book had a perfect baby. It even includes a bookmark, because the authors apparently love their readers. It is simply hard to imagine a more densely informative, thorough, practical, and pleasurable resource.”

Elsa Birch

This is probably my favorite book in terms of teaching you the best practices of data visualization. Not just on the “chart”, but also everything that is related to it, such as typography, colors, layout, and more. And, especially for a text book, it looks quite amazing, with a great use of typography, gutter notes, call-out colors and its packed with visual examples that highlight each of the advice/rules that are given. It’s also completely tool agnostic. No matter what you use to visualize your data with, this book is for you.”

Nadieh Bremer

… the Data Visualization Handbook by [Koponen] & [Hildén] is extraordinary. It’s jam-packed with concepts & best practices across a broad range of #dataviz. I particularly like the organisation, layout & colours. A book that practices what it teaches.”

Kenneth Field

Downloadable content

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Sample of the full book

Includes table of contents, Foreword and Part I—Introduction.

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Visual variables sheet

Download a PDF poster of how well the visual variables are suited for showing data on different types of scales.

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Workflow model

Download a PDF poster of a generalized visualization project workflow.

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